Welcome to the Performance Study

Thanks for joining the endur8/HIGH5 real-world study of the performance impact of fuelling correctly with fuel plan, vs training without fuel.

Enrol and receive your £30 HIGH5 voucher

Record 6 sessions and receive £120 of HIGH5 nutrition

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Performance Study Overview

Join the world’s first pilot study into the impact of a digital nutrition coach on performance.

endur8 is recruiting for a real-world study of the performance impact of the endur8 digital nutrition coach + fuel compared with no plan or fuel.

You will read a document that confirms that you:

  • understand your role in the study and how your data will be used and protected (‘informed consent’)
  • are fit enough to participate in the study (‘liability waiver’)
  • will not communicate anything about your participation in the study until the study is published (‘confidentiality agreement’)

If you meet the requirements of the study and agree to participate, you will:

  1. review and accept the enrollment terms and conditions (1 page)
  2. log-in (existing users) or register (new users) an account with endur8
  3. choose whether to participate as a runner or rider, and complete a short online enrollment survey into your endurance fitness (2 min)
When you enter the study, you will then use the endur8 app to plan a training route that you would expect to take between 90 and 120 minutes to complete. You will complete the route solo, six times, alternating between unfueled and fueled training sessions each spaced 3-7 days apart. The endur8 app will capture performance and nutrition data. If you experience a technical problem, such as a puncture, you will repeat that training session. When you complete the six training sessions, you will complete a short exit survey that collects data on technical challenges, ease of use of the endur8 app, and your experience with the nutrition you used during your training.
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